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Tides welcomes you to participate in the many conversations taking place on What’s Possible.
But, for our comments policy, we took our cue from the pros.

Here’s how we welcome you to participate:

Yes, we do moderate comments.
A comment is conversation; if a comment does not add to the conversation, runs off on a tangent, or kills the conversation, it may be edited, moved, or deleted. Our aim in moderating comments is to deepen and enhance the conversations and community on our blog, while also maintaining the focus of discussions, protecting privacy, and maintaining legality. We encourage you to discuss with thoughtfulness and diplomacy – hate speech or personal attacks will not be tolerated.

We delete spam.
We use spam filters and delete any comments that are unrelated to the original post. If you have something to advertise, we encourage you to engage in thoughtful and constructive conversation; please build your ethos here, don’t just publish your business card.

We’re a 501(c)(3) organization.
We are not legally allowed to host any content which lobbies for or against specific candidates, parties, or legislation. We’re not allowed to link to such materials, either. If you submit partisan content in your comment, your comment will not be approved.

We ask you be judicious when you add hyperlinks.
Too many links, or irrelevant links, are interruptive and distracting. Please keep your comment focused on what you have to say, and add links to supplement your message. Comments with more than two links may not be approved.

We do not allow signatures.
If you post with a signature, we will remove it. We have thrown events where participants wear blank name badges, too. We do this to keep the emphasis on the substance at hand. To invite readers to learn more about you, enter a relevant website into the "Web" box of the comment form – or utilize your Profile page of your WordPress account.

We have a maximum length.
We may not approve comments which exceed 300 words because we aim to include many voices in this venue. If your comment is long and includes material republished from elsewhere on the web, you may want to provide a brief excerpt, your own comment, and then a link. If your posts are simply very long, you may be ready to start your own blog!

We strive to protect privacy.
Your email addresses is required for posting, but is not published online or shared outside of Tides. We may contact you privately by email. Do not use our blog to share your own or others’ private information.

More legal stuff.
Comments posted anywhere on Tides-moderated spaces are the responsibility of commenters. By submitting a comment on our website, you agree that you have the legal right to post the material, and to hold Tides and all Tides subsidiaries and/or representatives harmless from any and all repercussions, damages, or liability. Comments posted on this website become property of Tides.

All rights reserved.
Administrators, contributors, editors, and moderators of What’s Possible: The Tides Blog reserve the right to moderate comments and user participation in accordance with these policies, and also the right to edit and add to these policies. In the spirit of relentless innovation and improvement, we reserve the right to make things better as we go along.


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