Moving Forward Together

Dear friends and partners,

On Tuesday our nation suffered a devastating setback. This election exposed the deep division, rising discontent and anger across our country. We heard a resounding message that the status quo isn’t working for many people.

Amidst the sad outcomes on many of the issues we care about so deeply, there are also a number of bright spots that we must celebrate. We will soon have four women of color in the United States Senate - a number that is too small but still four times more than it is...


The Future of California's Death Penalty

By Kathryn Snyder, Senior Advisor, Tides and The Advocacy Fund

Ricky Jackson is an Ohio man who was exonerated last fall after nearly four decades in prison for a 1975 crime he didn't commit. With 39 years in prison, he's believed to have served the longest time behind bars for someone wrongly incarcerated in the United States.

Ricky Jackson

There are many more like him. Thus far, 156 people have been exonerated.

We have an unprecedented opportunity to repeal the death penalty...


EPIP Positions Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as Mission Critical

by Irini Neofotistos, Advisor, Tides

The 2016 Emerging Practitioners In Philanthropy (EPIP) National Conference took place in Baltimore last week. The three-day event was attended by 200 rising leaders that came from around the country to learn, connect and recharge. It is that rare space which encourages authentic conversations.

The majority of the participants were attending for the first time. They left their foundations to connect with peers in the field, network, and build their leadership muscles....


Why Nonprofit Offices Should Include Shared Space: Key Considerations When Your Organization Gets Into Real Estate

By Saul Ettlin, Collaboration + Space Manager, Tides

Your nonprofit organization has reached an exciting turning point: you’re ready to get out of the rental market and build a lasting asset. Organizational leadership has signed off on buying or constructing a building or office space for your organization, and you’re starting to move through the flurry of feasibility studies and financing options. That’s great for your organization, but here’s why you need to include shared space for other organizations as part of...


Strategy Is About Focus and Knowing When to Say No

From the Trenches of a Turnaround

When I started at Tides I was the fourth CEO in four years, many indicators were pointing down, and the organization had just weathered layoffs. I was brought in to restore the organization’s legacy of impact and to clarify our purpose and strategy for the future.

Well-meaning board members, staff, and clients came to me suggesting new tools promising quick fixes to Tides’ troubles. I was bombarded with at least a dozen new approaches to strategy, including the Business Model...


Fighting Hate With Love

Tides statement on the anti-LGBT terrorist shooting in Orlando on June 12, 2016

We are stunned and saddened by yesterday’s horrific shooting in Orlando. Our deepest sympathies go out to the victims, family members, friends and communities impacted. We share in the confusion, the shock and the loss, as well as the determination and resolve we have seen growing in the last day and a half.

While we do our best to celebrate love and inclusion and fight for equality and human rights, we profoundly...


Staff spotlight: Lexi Paza, Community Catalyzer

Where are you from?

I’m from Williamsport, Maryland, a bucolic little town in the Appalachian foothills.  In 1794 George Washington paid a visit to evaluate whether Williamsport would be a suitable capital for the new nation. It wasn’t, apparently, and not much has happened there since.

What do you do here at Tides?

My title is Community Catalyzer, and my role is best understood with context: in 1995 Tides signed a long-term lease with the Presidio Trust and invested millions renovating twelve...


Why companies should commit to charitable giving before generating a profit

By J. Alexander Sloan, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Tides

Hey startup CEOs! Now is the time to invest in the culture of your new enterprise and in your community. Having a positive social impact is a new minimum standard for businesses – as essential as creating products people want.

One company knew that it was not only possible but also necessary to give back before they were even breaking even – Rally Software.

In 2003, ten years before it went public, Rally Software allocated...


Pledge 1% joins Tides as a special strategic initiative to expand global reach

Pledge 1% Also Announces Amy Lesnick as Chief Executive and President to Grow and Scale Corporate Philanthropy Movement

San Francisco, April 11, 2016—Pledge 1%, a corporate philanthropy movement dedicated to making the community a key stakeholder in every business, today announced that Amy Lesnick has joined the organization as its first chief executive and president. Pledge 1% also announced today that it has joined Tides as a special strategic initiative to expand...


Tides awards the $10,000 2016 Pizzigati Prize to software developer Cristina Lopes

Public interest computing's highest honor is going to a veteran programmer who's helping nonprofits access the world of 3D virtual reality.

Some software developers are making millions off the new high-tech frontier of virtual reality. Cristina Lopes is making social change.


Lopes has been the moving force behind OpenSimulator, the noncommercial software that's opening the 3D virtual world to nonprofits all across the globe.

For that...

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