From San Francisco to the World: Sharing space at Thoreau Center helps EMERGENCY USA provide better medical care internationally

Author: Eric Talbert via Bay Area International Link (BAIL)

I began working with EMERGENCY USA in 2011 and when we first opened our office in San Francisco I was very excited. As a member of Tides’ Thoreau Center for Sustainability in the Presidio of San Francisco, we were part of an intentional community of over 60 organizations working to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges. EMERGENCY USA is the San Francisco-based office of the international humanitarian organization EMERGENCY, which was founded in 1994 in...


Remembering Nelson Mandela

I was too young to remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and to understand how the presence of one person’s life on this planet can change the very nature of humanity. For me, that understanding came through the life of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, 1918-2013.  He was what I think of as a “beautiful leader.”

Dispatches from the Field | Silicon Valley, Meet Silicon Savannah

For the past week, I have participated on a learning journey in Kenya organized by London-based Leaders’ Quest on behalf of the Rockefeller Foundation. Twenty leaders from around the world joined the Quest to explore opportunities for impact investing in Africa. Participants include such diverse individuals as the domestic investment manager of China’s sovereign wealth fund, the Chairman of UK-based Sustainability, the CFO of the Rockefeller Foundation, the CEO of Bangalore-based Rural Shores, and many more.

IPAS Celebrates International Women's Day

I had the privilege of celebrating International Women’s Day yesterday with some colleagues over at the Public Health Institute in Oakland. One of Tides grantees, Ipas ( showed their film, Not Yet Rain

Not Yet Rain explores abortion in Ethiopia through the voices of women who have faced the challenge of finding safe care. Through their stories, we see the important role that safe abortion care plays in the overall health of women and their families.

Every year,...


Oil and Anguish: Alaska, Nigeria, and the Gulf Coast

Today, Prince William Sound appears "normal" to the naked eye. However, if you look below the surface, oil continues to contaminate beaches, national parks, and designated wilderness areas.


Making the Case for Integration: The Tides Africa Fund Approach

Why not integrate separate models of care if it could mean better health for clients and their families? That is the essential question that drives the work of our Africa Family Planning and HIV Integration Fund, or Tides Africa Fund. With support from the Hewlett Foundation, the fund dispersed grants totaling $1.3 million in 2008–2009 to pioneer integrated care efforts in six countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

A new report about the fund, Making the Case for Integration, documents this holistic approach and has just been released. Read on for an introduction to this illustrative report that includes profiles of leaders in the integration field, a summary of current research, and analysis of difficult challenges and real solutions by experts from the public and philanthropic sectors.


Shareholder Activism Wins Victories

Guest post by Timothy Smith, Senior Vice President, Environment, Social and Governance Group at Walden Asset Management

The investment portfolio at Tides has been managed for decades by Walden Asset Management (formerly U.S. Trust of Boston), a leader in sustainable and responsible investing. Here are four areas where Walden helps Tides' investments to support a double bottom line of financial returns and social change: Screening; Public Policy; Community Development Investing; and Shareowner Engagement & Advocacy.


Innovative Approaches to Grantmaking in Africa

There are so many exciting and innovative grantmaking approaches focusing in Africa these days. Some foundations are taking the lead in challenging traditional models of grantmaking on the continent and working hard to make sure resources go directly to people in communities who are making change and struggling for equity and justice. In addition, tremendous opportunities have evolved around collaborations between foundations that have traditionally targeted issue areas separated by politics and policies, but linked in communities and people’s lives. The recent highlight of the collaborative foundation work in Liberia in this week's Chronicle of Philanthropy is but one example. If you have a subscription, check out the article: Foundation-Financed Office in Liberia Seeks to Build and Guide Philanthropic Efforts.


Liberia: Surviving Gender-Based Violence

...Rosie is the Executive Director of THINK (Touching Humanity In Need of Kindness) Home, a rehabilitation center for women/girls (I think of them as girls because they vary in age from 15 to 24) who are victims of sexual assault and abuse. The program is for 9 months, and provides food, education and shelter for these students (and their children). In the morning, the women learn English, math science and in the afternoon they can learn either tailoring, cosmetology, or baking. To date, 212 women have graduated.