Don’t Get Mad, Get Even: Challenge Prosecutors, not Scapegoats

Two tragic events last Friday have prompted heated debate about torture, secrecy, freedom of information, and prosecutors run amok. But are critics assigning blame where due, or merely where convenient? And is the convenient option too charitable, letting powerful systems of oppression off the hook in favor of scapegoating only the most visible perpetrators? First (only because it’s an anniversary and was therefore predictable) was the 11th year of military detention at Guantánamo Bay, where prisoners under US control have endured torture–and in some cases, been murdered in custody while their deaths have been presented in public as suicides.

Interview with Linda Lantieri of The Inner Resilience Program

The Inner Resilience Program is helping to cultivate the inner lives of students, teachers & schools by integrating social and emotional learning with contemplative practice. The program provides professional development workshops, weekend retreats, classes in stress management, as well as yoga and other contemplative practices, educational workshops for parents, and training in our K-8 curriculum: Building Resilience from the Inside Out.

Ending Modern Slavery

After stepping off the podium at the United Nations, President Obama made a special commitment – to ending modern day slavery. Not just in remote corners of the developing world. But here in this country as well. Many of the slaves today are girls. Born in this country. Hidden in plain view.

Georgetown McDonough Global Social Enterprise Initiative Launches Executive In Residence Program

The Global Social Enterprise Initiative (GSEI) at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business has launched a new Executive in Residence program this fall, welcoming Melissa L. Bradley, chief executive officer of Tides, and Edward Martin, director of marketing excellence and corporate social responsiblity insights at the Hershey Company, as Executives in Residence for the 2012-13 academic year.

Live from Rio+20, Day Two: "Favelas and Protests"

This morning I ventured the opposite direction from Rio Centro where the UN Rio+20 negotiations are taking place, and travelled with colleagues to the Cachoeirinha (I was told it means “waterfall”) Favela in Rio de Janeiro. These shantytowns are quite common in Rio, well over one million strong, located within and around the city limits.

Race is NOT Just a Number

The Pew Research Center released their report, “The Rise of Asian Americans,” today, June 19, 2012 – the 30th anniversary of the fatal beating of Vincent Chin at the hands of Ronald Ebens and Michael Nitz, which led to Chin's death four days later and only a small fine for Ebens and Nitz (neither of whom have spent a single day in jail, for the record).  In some ways, I couldn’t think of a more ironic juxtaposition that highlights that we still live in an age where there is xenophobic fear of an “Asian Invasion”...


New Study Cites Changing Demographics and Trends in Digital Game Play

Increase in Use by Women and Children Offers Digital Games Industry the Opportunity to Improve Kids’ Health & Education, says The Children’s Partnership

Santa Monica, CA—On June 7th, The Children’s Partnership released Game Companies & Social Responsibility: The Time is Now, the result of a yearlong study of the $25.1 billion digital game industry and its current—and potential—participation in social responsibility efforts. Released during the Electronic Entertainment Expo, the report provides a focused...


Jalia Ventures Launches Impact America at CGI America

View Commitment: CGI America Sustainable Finance Panel

New York, NY, June 12, 2012. Jalia Ventures, which makes early stage investments in mission-driven minority entrepreneurs, announced the launch of a business training and incubation initiative on June 8, 2012 as part of a Commitment to Action at the Clinton Global Initiative America Conference. Jalia Ventures is launching Impact America HBCU Venture Catalyst, a capacity-building initiative that will grow awareness of social and environmental issues, while providing...


Women’s Empowerment and Family Planning: Key to Success at Rio+20 Environment Meeting

New York, NY: In a few short days, world leaders will converge on Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in an urgent effort to protect the global environment for current and future generations. Their success - or failure - could hinge on the engagement of a pivotal, but often neglected, group of stakeholders: the world’s women.

The June 20-22 United Nations Rio+20 Earth Summit will draw more than 120 heads of state, as well as tens of thousands of delegates, activists and media representatives.  At issue are the planet’s air, land,...


Impact Investments in Women

We talk a lot about how impact investments help people move out of poverty. But impact investments are not just about providing a job and an income; impact investments provide dignity, self confidence, and the ability to stand on your own feet. When that investment is in women, the impact is even more profound.

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