Creating Social Change Leaders

The social sector invests heavily in the tools of social change. But tools don’t build or fix things. People do. Specifically, it’s social change leaders with vision — shaped by love and intellect — that wield tools effectively. We must invest in developing highly effective social change leaders to create a more just and equitable society.

But, this leaves us with a very important question:

How do we develop social change leaders of this caliber? Origins of Social Change Leaders

Great social change...

Love and Intellect in Social Change Leadership

Social Innovation’s Weakness

Social innovation is a tool, but tools don’t build or fix things. People do. This idea was explored in the first post in this series, which illustrated that despite social innovation’s widely trumpeted potential to solve the world’s problems, it simply can’t. Meaningful and lasting solutions come from social change leaders with highly developed vision.

Where does this vision that makes social change leaders exceptional come from?

Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and Dr. Martin...

Social Innovation Won’t Save the World

David Bornstein in the NY Times Fixes column recently referred to social innovation as part of a “breakthrough – maybe even a new Enlightenment.” He believes it is creating new and lasting change that is unprecedented in the social sector.

But, social innovation faces an undeniable limitation: it is merely a tool. And, like any tool, its impact is determined by the vision of those who use it. Great architecture isn’t created by hammers. It’s created by architects and carpenters with highly developed...