Moving Forward Together

Dear friends and partners,

On Tuesday our nation suffered a devastating setback. This election exposed the deep division, rising discontent and anger across our country. We heard a resounding message that the status quo isn’t working for many people.

Amidst the sad outcomes on many of the issues we care about so deeply, there are also a number of bright spots that we must celebrate. We will soon have four women of color in the United States Senate - a number that is too small but still four times more than it is...

The Future of California's Death Penalty

By Kathryn Snyder, Senior Advisor, Tides and The Advocacy Fund

Ricky Jackson is an Ohio man who was exonerated last fall after nearly four decades in prison for a 1975 crime he didn't commit. With 39 years in prison, he's believed to have served the longest time behind bars for someone wrongly incarcerated in the United States.

Ricky Jackson

There are many more like him. Thus far, 156 people have been exonerated.

We have an unprecedented opportunity to repeal the death penalty...