Strategy Is About Focus and Knowing When to Say No

From the Trenches of a Turnaround

When I started at Tides I was the fourth CEO in four years, many indicators were pointing down, and the organization had just weathered layoffs. I was brought in to restore the organization’s legacy of impact and to clarify our purpose and strategy for the future.

Well-meaning board members, staff, and clients came to me suggesting new tools promising quick fixes to Tides’ troubles. I was bombarded with at least a dozen new approaches to strategy, including the Business Model...

Fighting Hate With Love

Tides statement on the anti-LGBT terrorist shooting in Orlando on June 12, 2016

We are stunned and saddened by yesterday’s horrific shooting in Orlando. Our deepest sympathies go out to the victims, family members, friends and communities impacted. We share in the confusion, the shock and the loss, as well as the determination and resolve we have seen growing in the last day and a half.

While we do our best to celebrate love and inclusion and fight for equality and human rights, we profoundly...