Interview with Cynthia Chavez of LeaderSpring

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: LeaderSpring's mission is to foster a powerful, equity-driven social sector by strengthening leaders and organizations; developing communities of leaders; and transforming the systems in which they work. Since 1997, LeaderSpring has awarded almost 200 exceptional leaders and their agencies with an intensive program of leadership development, management skills training, customized mentoring, and networking.


LeaderSpring believes that the best gift you can give a...

Ending Modern Slavery

After stepping off the podium at the United Nations, President Obama made a special commitment – to ending modern day slavery. Not just in remote corners of the developing world. But here in this country as well.

Many of the slaves today are girls. Born in this country. Hidden in plain view.

You see these girls around you. They are the lost girls, standing around bus stops, hanging out by runaway youth shelters, or advertised online. Here in D.C., they are right in front of you. At the Motel 8 or the Marriott, at...

Nominations Open for Nation’s Top Honor in Public Interest Computing

Tides Pizzigati Prize will award $10,000 to an open source software developer whose work is helping nonprofit activists succeed.

September 16, 2012 – Nominations have now opened for the seventh annual Antonio Pizzigati Prize for Software in the Public Interest, the nation’s highest honor for software developers working with nonprofits to help advance innovative social change.

Tides is now accepting nominations for this year’s $10,000 prize through December 1st. The 2013 winner will be announced in April at...