The Future of Tides


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5 Responses to “The Future of Tides”

  1. Andy says:

    Melissa-I appreciate your open, thoughtful, and strategic thinking. The future is not a matter of chance but choice. And listening then leading is the right direction. The future of such a critical institution as Tides is essential, and your making the tough choices is necessary for that future. Thanks!!!

    Andy Stern
    AmericaWorks Project
    Richman Center Columbia University

  2. Alan Jenkins says:

    Thanks for this clear explanation of the decisions that have been made and the reasons for them.

  3. Dana McCloskey says:

    Melissa -
    Thank you for sharing this information and in this video format. As an employee of a Tides project I was not aware of the breadth of the challenges that Tides was facing. To all of you who are remaining and those of you who are leaving Tides I will continue to support you in any way I can. After all, you have supported us so effectively over the last 6 years.
    Dana McCloskey
    The Inner Resilience Program

  4. Jennie says:

    Melissa, Well done.
    Jennie Winton
    Founding Partner
    Mission Minded

  5. Bob says:

    Well done. Honest, thorough and reflective of the good hard work you have done. Here's that you have more reason to smile more in the next video.

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