Melissa L. Bradley: Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial (Video)

In this video blog, Tides CEO Melissa L. Bradley comments on the unveiling of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, reflecting on how King's lessons can be applied to our current moment of wealth disparity and economic crisis.  Watch now or jump to the transcript below:



Good day. This past weekend in DC, even through Hurricane Irene, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial was unveiled on the Mall.

The timeliness of this event should not be lost in the midst of all that is going on...

SXSW Eco: Discounted Registration for Tides Community

SXSW Eco is a three-day conference acknowledging the need for a concerted, cross sector approach to solving the recognized challenges facing the natural world, the globalized economy, and humankind.  Hosting an international audience of executive level decision makers from the public and private sectors, as well as thought leaders from academia, the event will evolve this critical conversation beyond rhetoric and towards tangible solutions.

SXSW Eco is for professionals at the forefront of the post-recognition discussion...

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