Live From New York, it's the Story of Stuff

Story of Stuff

Annie Leonard has done it again with the book version of The Story of Stuff, which arrives in stores today.  It’s personal, political and provocative, and provides information on what you can do (both to change your life and the larger systems we’re all part of) to create a new, sustainable, equitable, and democratic story of stuff.

I was thrilled to receive a hand-delivered copy last week at my front door, courtesy of Annie and her 10- year-olStory of Stuff bookd daughter.  Tides and Story of Stuff have a special relationship, because it was former Tides Foundation executive director Idelisse Malavé who suggested to Annie that her live presentation about materials flow might make a great video. Annie didn’t believe her, but, with lots of nudging (and a small grant from Tides) decided to pursue the idea.

The rest is history: 10 million internet views since December 2007,  with no sign of slowing down.

Check out where you can buy the book (which, of course, was printed on trash instead of trees); get details of Annie’s 10-city book tour, which kicks off tonight in New York at the 92nd Street Y; and watch her tonight on The Colbert Report or other upcoming media appearances.

Catherine Lerza is Senior Philanthropic Advisor for Tides.

3 Responses to “Live From New York, it's the Story of Stuff”

  1. Sue says:

    Let me ask you this - is no entity to ever make a profit? If an entity cannot make a profit, how does it "grow"? Employ more people? Pay more customer? (thereby "spreading the wealth". How does an entire nation built on non-profits operate?

  2. reader says:

    Sue - I wonder how you got from the idea that we should consume less, and have more reverence for the things we do consume, to the assumption that this means no entity should ever make a profit. Can you explain?

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